Yueqing City  Valve Factory

Yueqing City Valve Factory



 License number of the country's industrial products; XK26-1040029 Valve factory in Yueqing City of China's s 更详细
  • 行业:铸锻件
  • 联系人:Ni Huibo
  • 地区:Huanghua Town, Yueqing City
  • 电话:15067705018
  • 传真:0577-61204319




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The advantages of using a ship fittings

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What is the important indicator of ship fittings function and quality measure?

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The attention of the points to set safety valve

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Effect of the use of marine valves

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Marine valve‘s sealing performance

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The main function of the safety valve

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Marine valve‘s application architecture

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The valve facilities' operation action

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About the stability of marine valves

<p>&nbsp;<strong><a href="http://marinevalve.bokee.net/">Marine valve</a></strong> current and power
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Our products are used in the GB GB, the department standard CB, JB, Japanese standard JIS, American standard API, foreign trade standard CBM technical documents and drawings, and other manufacturing. Made by the factory in 1995, the marine valve products production license of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, certified by permit inspection trial in 99 years, now has reached more than 200 varieties of series, over 2000 specifications, via ship Inspection Bureau "ZC" type approval, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing Inspection Bureau "ZY" the type recognition blame, China Classification Society CCS approved test. Our tenet: quality first, customers first, timely and thoughtful service. Under the premise of guaranteeing quality, and dedication to provide users with high quality, low cost services.